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Initiating Work Items

You can initiate communications work items, such as voice calls or email messages, from the communications toolbar. The Initiate Work Item button allows you to choose the channel type for the work item.

NOTE:  Using the Send Email, Send Fax, or Send Page commands in the File menu is equivalent to using the communications toolbar to initiate these activities. For more information, see Sending Email, Fax, and Page Messages.

To initiate a work item

  1. Optionally, specify the recipient for the work item by selecting a contact or employee record, or by entering a phone number into the text input field.

    NOTE:  Recipient information entered into the text input field of the communications toolbar applies to initiating voice calls only. It does not apply to initiating email, fax, or page messages.

  2. Do one of the following:
    • If no work item has been initiated within the current session, click Initiate Work Item to initiate a work item of the channel type that corresponds to the current context.
    • If a work item of a particular channel was previously initiated, click the Initiate Work Item button to initiate another work item of the same channel type.
    • If you want to choose the channel type explicitly, click the arrow to the right of Initiate Work Item, then select a supported channel type from the displayed menu.
  3. If you did not specify contact information first, do so now in the dialog box that appears.

To release the current work item

  1. Select the work item from the Work Items list.
  2. Click Release Work Item, as appropriate for the channel type for the work item.

NOTE:  If you are working with an activity record or another type of record that is automatically associated with a work item, you must save any changes to the record before you release the work item. In addition, in order to make changes after releasing the work item, you must first refresh the record. Otherwise, changes you make to the record may be lost.

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