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Upgrading the Configuration

Follow this general procedure in order to upgrade Siebel CTI and your communications configuration to the current version.

To upgrade your CTI configuration from a previous version

  1. In release 6.x (or earlier), export your CTI configuration data to files:
    • Export configuration parameters to an .ini file.
    • Export events and commands to a .DEF file.

      Prior to release 5.x, CTI configuration data existed only in the .DEF and .ini files, and was not stored in the Siebel Database.

  2. Follow documented procedures for upgrading the Siebel application and database from your previous version to the current version.
  3. Optionally, add any new custom communications driver (to replace your CTI driver used in a previous version) in the Communications Drivers and Profiles view, in the Administration - Communications screen.
  4. Optionally, for the Siebel CTI Connect driver, enable logging for Communications Server activity for the driver (Driver:DriverLogFile and Driver:LogDebug parameters), in order to record all of the upgrade actions that are performed on the configuration files.
  5. Create a profile for any custom communications driver, or for the Siebel-provided CTI driver you use in the current version.
  6. Associate the driver profile with the upgraded version of the same configuration you used in the earlier release.
  7. Optionally, import your .ini file into the upgraded version of the same configuration from which you exported the configuration parameters in the previous version.

    Because only a small number of parameters are imported and upgraded, you may choose to re-create all necessary configuration and driver parameters rather than import. For more information, see Configuration Parameters in Release 7.x and Siebel CTI Connect Driver Parameters in Release 7.x.

  8. Import your .DEF file into the upgraded version of the same configuration from which you exported the events and commands in the previous version.
  9. For all configuration parameters from the previous release that have become driver parameters in the current release, create records for the driver parameters, as applicable, and specify the appropriate values for them.

    Some driver parameter values may best be specified in the form of profile parameter overrides.

  10. Optionally, add or modify any other elements in your configuration, as necessary.

    For example, you may choose to adapt elements from the Siebel-provided communications configurations for use in your upgraded configuration. This may be especially important if you support a multichannel environment.

    Also review the changes described in Upgrade Issues for CTI/Communications Configurations and following subsections, and alter your configuration as appropriate.

  11. Test your upgraded environment, then enable communications for your agents.

    For information about enabling communications, see Enabling Session Communications and Simulation.

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