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Making a Predefined Query Public

Predefined queries must be made public before they can be viewed and executed by end users.

This task is a step in Process of Account Targeting.

To make a predefined query public

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Application screen > Predefined Queries view.
  2. In the Predefined Queries list, click Query.
  3. Click the Object field drop-down list, and select Account Targeting.
  4. In the Predefined Queries list, click Go.

    A list of all predefined queries containing Account Target is returned.

  5. In the Predefined Queries list, select the record containing the predefined query you want to make public.

    NOTE:  Check that the name of the query includes the view in which it was created, so that other users will execute the query in the same view. The view name in which the query was created appears in the Query column, and the name of the query can be edited in the Name column.

  6. In the Predefined Queries list, click the Private field and change the letter to a 'N'.

    The predefined query is now public and can be executed by all users with access to the Account Targeting views.

    NOTE:  Other users must first exit and reenter the application before they can see the new public query.

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