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Process of Account Targeting

This section lists the tasks typically performed by administrators and end users when managing account targeting. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

Administrator Procedures

The following list shows tasks administrators typically perform to manage account targeting:

  1. Making a Predefined Query Public
  2. Deleting a Saved Predefined Query

End-User Procedures

The following list shows tasks end users typically perform to access and use account targeting:

  1. Creating a Target List (End User)
  2. Saving a Target List (End User)
  3. Assigning Target Lists to Routes (End User). Merging Target Lists After creating and saving a target list, retail sales representatives can merge (intersect or combine) it with other target lists.

    After merging target lists, retail sales representatives can assign the results to a route in the view that they use to plan their routes or objectives. After assigning the list of accounts to a route, they can add or delete accounts to optimize their target list.

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