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Saving a Target List (End User)

When an end user has finished creating and refining a target list, the list can be saved and applied to a route. Before performing the following procedure, you must first create a target list. For information on applying a target list to a route, see Assigning Target Lists to Routes (End User).

This task is a step in Process of Account Targeting.

To save a target list

  1. In the toolbar, click the Save Target List button.

    NOTE:  Do not use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+S, the Edit > Query > Save command (from the menu bar), or the Save Query As dialog box to save the query unless the end user wants to make a particularly complex query public or it is a query that will be run frequently. For more information, see Making a Predefined Query Public

    The Save to List dialog box appears with a blank List Name field.

  2. In the List Name field, enter a unique name for the target list.

    CAUTION:  If the end user enters a name already in use, the previously saved target list is overwritten without warning.

  3. Click Save.

    The target list is saved. It can be applied to a route, an objective, or a promotion. For information about applying a target list to an objective, see Objectives and for information about applying a target list to a promotion, see Trade Promotions.

    NOTE:  The saved target list includes only those records that matched the query criteria when the query was generated. End users should re-create their target lists periodically, because data may have been modified or new accounts may have been added since they created the target list.

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