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Creating Credit Memos

Administrators can add or modify credit memos.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Promotions Deductions.

To add or modify credit memos from the Credit Memo Administration view

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Data screen > Credit Memos view.

    The Account Credit Memo Administration view appears.

  2. In the Account form, query for the appropriate account record.

    Credit memos associated with the selected account appear in the Credit Memos list.

  3. In the Credit Memos list, select a record to edit, or create a new record and fill in the required fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Credit ID

    A system-generated number identifying the credit memo.


    Type of credit memo. May include:

    • Invoicing. Errors made on the invoice.
    • Unsaleable. Goods arrived expired or spoiled.
    • Returns. Goods returned for any reason other than unsaleable.
    • Transportation. Late delivery.
    • Unknown. Invoices which do not fall into the invoicing, Unsaleable, Returns, or Transportation categories.

    Invoice ID

    A unique number used to reference the invoice record. The drop-down list in this field can be used to associate preexisting invoices to the credit memo.


    The amount of the credit memo.

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