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Analyzing Workloads

Customer financial service managers or administrators can analyze the deduction resolution workloads among employees.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Promotions Deductions.

To analyze deductions workloads

  1. Navigate to the Deductions screen.
  2. In the visibility filter, select the appropriate filter:
    • My Deductions. Displays all deductions for accounts to which the user is an assigned team member (primary or not).
    • My Team's Deductions. This view is visible only to users with direct reports, for example, a customer financial services manager. If the manager's direct reports (or their subordinates) have deductions assigned to them, these deductions are displayed here.
    • All Deductions. Displays all deductions within the user's organization.
    • All Deductions Across Organizations. Displays all deductions across all organizations within the Siebel database.
  3. In the Deductions list, query for the appropriate records and select all the deductions you want to analyze.
  4. In the Deductions link bar, click the Charts link.
  5. From the drop-down list, choose the type of chart you want to view.

    In the standard Siebel Consumer Goods application, the chart selections are Aging Analysis, Status and Priority Analysis, Account and Type Analysis, and Rep Workload Analysis.

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