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Process of Managing Promotions Deductions

This section lists the tasks typically performed by administrators and end users when managing deductions. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

Administrator Procedures

The following list shows tasks administrators typically perform to manage promotions deductions:

  1. Creating and Editing Deductions
  2. Adding Literature to Deductions
  3. Splitting Deductions
  4. Creating Credit Memos
  5. Analyzing Workloads
  6. Creating Activity Templates
End-User Procedures

The following list shows tasks end users typically perform to access and use deductions:

  1. Reviewing Deductions (End User)
  2. Viewing Account Deductions (End User)
  3. Creating Deduction Activities (End User)
  4. Creating Deduction Activity Plans (End User)
  5. Associating and Modifying Invoices (End User)
  6. Creating Deduction Attachments (End User)
  7. Creating Deduction Notes (End User)
  8. Reviewing Account Credit Memos (End User)
  9. Reviewing Deduction Literature (End User)
  10. Resolving Deductions (End User)
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