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Key Features of Siebel Consumer Goods Products

Table 2 describes how Siebel Consumer Goods applications can provide solutions for key business issues. The solutions described include optional features and modules, which may differ from your company's implementation of the Consumer Goods.

Table 2. Siebel Consumer Goods Solutions for Key Business Issues
Business Issue
Siebel Consumer Sector Solutions

Account management

  • Management of accounts through multilevel account hierarchies based on complex account relationships
  • Management of account and customer information through profiles

Agreement management

  • Automated production of agreements from accepted quotes
  • Coordination of pricing information
  • Assigning of standard terms, conditions, and features
  • Tracking to make sure that agreements and service entitlements are fulfilled

Audit trail

  • Creation of a history of all the changes that have been made to various kinds of information
  • Records show who has accessed an item, what operation has been performed, when it was performed, and how the value was changed
  • Useful for maintaining security, examining the history of a particular record, and documenting modifications for future analysis and record keeping

Billing management

  • Integration with back-office billing systems
  • Query and display of billing information
  • Management of payment information, payment plans, bill adjustments, and bill profiles

Brand management

  • Management of brands through account distribution lists and personalization attributes
  • Dynamic matching of accounts and products to make sure that accounts get the appropriate products

Call center optimization

  • Single desktop to manage multiple types of customer interactions
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI) to connect callers with the most qualified agent
  • Integrated Web and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) self-service functionality

Credit management

  • Integration with a back-office credit system
  • Management of credit alerts
  • Notification of customers who are delinquent in payments

Customer acquisition

  • Analytical tools for segmenting prospects and developing targeted campaigns
  • Campaign management tools for developing and executing multichannel campaigns
  • Prebuilt performance analysis tools
  • Call scripting, which delivers messages that use proactive selling and retention techniques during customer contacts
  • Intelligent territory assignment, lead scoring, and routing

Customer and partner applications

  • eService, which allows your customers to create and track their own trouble tickets and service requests, and to search for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), through the Internet
  • eSales, which allows your customers to browse though your company's products and services, customize them, and then purchase them, through the Internet

Customer retention

  • Comprehensive customer profile that is shared throughout the enterprise
  • Sales tools that increase sales effectiveness and maximize time spent building relationships
  • Tools for marketing analysis, campaign development, and execution


  • Encapsulates best practices across Siebel Business applications
  • Enables self-service access to intelligence across business applications
  • Delivers proactive intelligence around trade funds, promotion evaluation, sales performance, and retail execution
  • Uses existing enterprise data sources

Equipment and infrastructure

  • Management of physical assets available at a customer site
  • Tracking of equipment sales to accounts
  • Management of meters and assets

Fraud management

  • Integration with a back-office fraud management system
  • Management of fraud alerts
  • Definition of relevant thresholds for customer fraud profiles
  • Classification of customer accounts to indicate the likelihood of fraud
  • Management of customer accounts that are either late in settlement or delinquent

Order configuration and management

  • Siebel Configurator automates the generation of quotes and sales orders
  • Tracking of relationships between sales, sales orders, and work orders
  • Definition of process rules and automatic escalation of open sales orders
  • Use of product parameters in generating sales orders
  • Provisioning of sales orders through work orders
  • Incorporating complex attributes such as style, color, size, and multiple ship-to destinations

Pricing management

  • A set of tools for defining pricing adjustments and the conditions under which they should be applied
  • An engine that evaluates condition statements and determines which pricing adjustments to apply
  • A testing area that allows assessment of the pricing adjustments
  • Integration with end-user interfaces such as Quotes, Orders, Siebel eSales, and Siebel Configurator

Information analysis and marketing

  • Analysis of customer information and measurement of campaign results with marketing analytics
  • Creation and execution of targeted marketing campaigns
  • Internet marketing with Siebel Marketing: integrated email campaigns, customized Web offers, personalized Web pages, Internet newsletters, and Internet surveys

Third-party and legacy integration

  • Prebuilt COM and CORBA interfaces to leading Operating System Software (OSS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications
  • Integration mapping tools for cross-application process integration
  • Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM), which allows bidirectional data exchange and synchronization
  • Performing credit verification and address validation
  • Maintenance of billing accounts through an external billing system

Service request management

  • Single platform for logging, assigning, managing, and resolving customers' problems
  • Online solutions search capability
  • Proactive customer notifications through email, pager, fax, and Internet
  • Automatic escalation of overdue service requests

Up-selling and cross-selling

  • Scripting engine that identifies up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with every customer contact
  • Provide an atmosphere of suggestive selling with the ability to build complex assortment plans
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