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About Product Modules and Options

You can purchase many Siebel Business Applications modules for use with Siebel Consumer Goods. You can also purchase optional modules specific to Siebel Consumer Goods to provide enhanced functionality for various business processes.

For information on the optional modules that can be used with Siebel Consumer Goods applications, contact your Siebel sales representative or local Siebel Sales Office.

NOTE:  This guide documents the standard Siebel Consumer Goods applications with all of the optional modules specific to Consumer Goods functionality installed. The Sample database includes data for these optional modules. If your installation does not include some of these optional modules, your software interface will differ from that described in some sections of this guide.

The exact configuration of Siebel Consumer Goods screens, views, and fields depends on your company's configuration of the application.

For introductory information on using the Siebel Consumer Goods standard interface, see Fundamentals.

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