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About Business Functions of Screen Tabs

The Siebel Consumer Goods interface includes task-specific screens. Some screens are used exclusively by administrators.

Table 3 lists the most frequently used Siebel Consumer Goods screens and the business functions of the views in those screens.

Table 3. Siebel Consumer Goods Screens
Functions of the Views in This Screen
Location of Information About This Screen


Create, view, and update accounts. Set up and maintain account hierarchies. Define and maintain account profile information.

Managing Accounts in this guide

Product Distribution in this guide


Manage activities with accounts, contacts, opportunities, and service requests, and create contact and account calls (with or without Smart Calls).

Siebel Applications Administration Guide


Manage information about agreements, administrative contracts, and entitlements.

Siebel Field Service Guide


Manage information about products sold to accounts.

Siebel Field Service Guide

Audit Trail

Automatically creates a history of the changes that have been made in the application.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide


Create and display activities (including to-do activities) and share calendar information with co-workers.



Manage outbound communications with prospects targeted for a particular marketing effort.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide


Record and track business and personal contact information associated with an account, an opportunity, a trouble ticket, or service request.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide

Corporate Promotions

Manage company-wide promotions of a product or category of products in which accounts can participate.

Trade Promotions in this guide

Cycle Counting

Manage inventory by grouping assets into classes and counting each class's assets over a period and at designated intervals.

Siebel Field Service Guide


Manage the deductions process.

Deductions in this guide

Expense Reports

Manage expense-report information for your own expenses, or your team's expenses.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide


Create business forecasts based on opportunities or products.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide


Create buying groups and planning groups, which allow account managers to plan for aggregate demand from multiple accounts.

For information on buying groups, see Product Distribution in this guide


Display company- and industry-related literature cataloged by the Siebel administrator.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide


Help drive corporate goals by defining objectives for contacts and accounts and monitor progress towards meeting sales goals.

Objectives in this guide


Manage sales opportunities for business and residential customers.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide

Part Browser

Check on-hand inventory.

Siebel Field Service Guide


Organize trade promotions by account.

Trade Promotions


Enter and maintain products, product images, product lines, product features and price list definitions.

Products in this guide

Promoted Products

Designate products as promoted products for the purpose of conducing simulation on a product outside of a promotions.

Trade Promotions in this guide


Organize and manage trade promotions by account. Depict aggregate results of plan promotions such as spending and volume by plan and by product.

Trade Promotions in this guide.


Manage information about adverse events or reactions related to products.

Siebel Applications Administration Guide


Record and review information relating to a physical receipt of material.

Siebel Field Service Guide


Track defective products returned to a service center for repair.

Siebel Field Service Guide


Manage retail outlets by creating sales routes. Add individual accounts to a specific Route that can be incorporated into a mobile field professional's routine visit schedule.

These routes can be used to schedule store visits on regular, predefined intervals.

Routes in this guide

Service Inventory

Manage the service parts inventory process.

Siebel Field Service Guide

Service Requests

Create, display, and update customer requests for information about or assistance with products or services.

Siebel Field Service Guide


Record and review information relating to a physical shipment of material.

Siebel Field Service Guide


Define the application workflow for an interactive situation in a script. These interactive situations could include inbound communications (such as customer service) and outbound contacts (such as telemarketing).

Siebel SmartScript Administration Guide


Search, organize, and add to a knowledge base of answers to service requests and trouble tickets.

Siebel Field Service Guide


Identify accounts by querying on profile information (such as sales volumes or location) to generate a list of accounts. The list can be used to schedule visits and plan routes.

Account Targeting in this guide


Host, or participate in, electronic training sessions over a corporate intranet or the Internet.

Siebel Training Guide

Siebel Consumer Goods Guide