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Associating Products with Categories

After establishing your multiple-category hierarchy, you associate products with each of the appropriate categories. You should only associate products at the lowest level of the category hierarchy.

This task is a step in Setting Up a Category-Product Hierarchy.

CAUTION:  Even though adding products to the upper levels of the category hierarchy is possible, it is not a recommended activity and is not enforced during SVP actions.

To associate products with categories

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Catalog screen > SVP Categories view.
  2. Drill down on the Category Name field hyperlink for a selected category.

    The SVP Category Details view appears.

  3. In the Subcategories list, drill down on the Name field hyperlink until you reach the lowest level subcategory.
  4. In the Products list, create a new record.
  5. In the Add Internal Products dialog box, choose a product or products, and click Add.
  6. In the Products list, select the product or products for which you want to designate an SVP parent category.
  7. Click SVP Adopt.

    The SVP Adoptee field of the selected product is automatically filled in with a check mark. This product now has the selected parent category as its SVP parent. The other products in the Products list, for which the SVP Adoptee field is cleared, are not active products for the parent category. They will not appear in sales volume plans that concern the parent category.

    NOTE:  If products to category links are created through other methods (that is, externally to the Siebel application), then you will need to perform an Acquire Categories action to create the associations. Please see Acquiring Categories for more details.

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