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Acquiring Categories

Associating products with categories creates the links required by the Siebel application to enable the Allocation process. If you choose to make these associations through another method (that is, external to the Siebel application), you will need to perform an Acquire Categories action to establish these links. You must perform this action whenever changes are made to the category-product hierarchy.

This task is a step in Setting Up a Category-Product Hierarchy.

To perform the Acquire Categories action

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Sales Volume Planning screen > Other Actions view.
  2. In the Other Actions form, create a new record.
  3. From the Action Type field drop-down list, select Acquire Categories.
  4. Fill in the Description field. For example, Fall Forecast - Acquire Categories.
  5. Click Execute Action.

    In the SVP Action list, the status of Pending appears in the Status field. After the categories are acquired, the Status field changes to Complete and a dialog box appears, confirming that the action was successful.

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