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About SVP Algorithms

The following two algorithms are available in the SVP module:

  • Percentage change. Refers to the type of algorithm to be used during the specified SVP action. That is, it modifies the source value by a percentage as it populates the target proportionately. Period definition is not required when using %Change.
  • Trended Volume Period. Compares Trend Volume Period with Source Period and extrapolates by percentage from Source to Target. Algorithm period definition is a required field. Table 12 shows settings for Source, Algorithm, Variance, and Target periods.
    Table 12. Trended Volume Period
    Algorithm (Trended Volume)

    Start=Wk 1, 1998 (Qty 100)

    Start=Wk 1, 1999
    (Qty 110)

    10% (+11)

    Start=Wk 1, 2000
    (Qty 121)

    End=Wk 2, 1998
    (Qty 100)

    End=Wk2, 1999
    (Qty 90)

    10% (-11)

    End=Wk 2, 2000
    (Qty 81)

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