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Resetting SVP Hierarchy Locks

You can reset the locks of an SVP hierarchy to allow users at lower account levels to modify SVP data. You can also reset SVP hierarchy locks if an account team lock is preventing a user from modifying that user's data and the lock cannot be resolved by the members of the account team. For example, the members of the account team may be out of the office, on vacation, or a lock error may have occurred. Resetting SVP hierarchy locks overrides the lock that was established and allows other users to modify the previously locked records.

To reset SVP hierarchy locks

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Sales Volume Planning screen.
  2. Click the Other Actions view tab.
  3. In the Other Actions form, create a new record.
  4. From the Action Type field drop-down list, select Reset Locks, and then fill in the Description field.
  5. Click Execute Action.

    In the SVP Action list, the status of Pending appears in the Status field. After the locks in the hierarchy are reset, the Status field changes to Complete and a dialog box appears, confirming that the action was successful.

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