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About Category and Account Level Allocation (End User)

Category and account level allocation functionality allows users to push changes down the account and category-product hierarchies in segments to allow subsequent groups of users to make changes.

  • Category allocation. Also known as intra-account allocation, category allocation occurs automatically after a user changes baseline records. It occurs within the category-product structure associated to the specific account that is being modified. When a user makes a change and commits that change by stepping off the record, the change is pushed out through the category-product hierarchy within that account.
  • Account allocation. There are two ways to trigger account level allocation, depending on how many levels changes need to be allocated:
    • Down one level. You can allocate changes down one level using the Allocate button in the Sales Volume Planning screen.
    • Down multiple levels. Only an administrator can allocate changes down multiple levels, using the Administration - Sales Volume Planning screen.

About the Account Allocation Level Parameter

The Account Allocation Level parameter is used to define the scope of an allocation. It specifies the account level in the SVP hierarchy that will be used when performing an SVP allocation action. For example, if you want to allocate two levels, you would navigate to the Administration - Sales Volume Planning screen and in the Action form, click the Allocation Level drop-down arrow and choose Allocation Level 2.

NOTE:  The parent account is always designated as Level 1 and each subaccount level is designated as the next sequential number. These allocation levels are specific to the SVP account hierarchy.

About Allocating Changes Down One Level of the Account Hierarchy

By allocating changes while in the Sales Volume Planning screen, the end user may allocate changes down one level of the account hierarchy.

NOTE:  Category-product changes are allocated within the given account immediately upon stepping off of the record.

For more information about allocating changes, see Locking and Modifying SVP Data (End User).

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