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Number Handling and SVP Actions and Percentage-Basis Calculation

Negative and decimal numbers are handled differently by the various actions as follows:

  • Copy Field and Copy Product actions. Negative source records are converted to target records with a value of zero by default. This change can be made through configuration by setting the Allow Negatives field user property, which will transfer the unaltered number. Floating point decimal numbers are copied as-is in these types of actions.
  • Aggregation actions. Both negative and floating point decimal numbers are supported and calculated as such.
  • Allocation actions. Negative and floating point decimal numbers are zeroed-out and not supported. Floating point decimals in the SVP quantity fields are truncated such that only the integer portion of the value is taken into consideration. For currency fields, two digits after the decimal point are calculated.

The percentage basis is calculated in each SVP-specific Category list (for example, Category Baseline or Category Target) as the proportion of the record to the total value of records in the referenced list.

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