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Committing Target Account Lists to a Corporate Promotion

You can commit target account lists to a corporate promotion. The target accounts that will be available are those that belong to the organization of which the user is an account team member.

NOTE:  In the Target Accounts view, you can commit target accounts to a promotion whether or not you are connected to a network.

To commit a target account to a corporate promotion

  1. Navigate to the Corporate Promotions screen.
  2. Select a promotion record.

    The corporate promotion you select acts as a template for the account promotion you are creating when you assign target accounts to that corporate promotion.

  3. In the Promotions list, drill down on the Promotion field hyperlink.
  4. Click the Target Accounts view tab and choose the action that corresponds to your situation:
    • If you are connected to a network. Query for the accounts to which you want to target the promotion.
    • If you are not connected to a network. Perform one of the following actions:
      • Query for accounts you want to target.
      • On the toolbar, click the Apply Target List button, located on the extreme left of the toolbar. Select one or more target accounts in the Apply Target List dialog box, and click OK.
  5. Select one or more accounts in the Target Accounts list, and click Commit.

    The selected target accounts appear in the sublevel Accounts list and are now committed to the corporate promotion. You have also created an account promotion that is based on the corporate promotion template.

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