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Creating Promotions for an Account

Key account managers can create promotions for individual accounts that are not part of plans. They add products to the promotions and create deals to cover the cost of the promotions.

Key account managers can use corporate promotions as a template to create their account promotions. The corporate promotion can be used as many times as desired.

Key account managers have the option of associating the promotion with a corporate promotion, in which case the promotion will inherit the attributes of the corporate promotion.

Promotions are established and run for categories of products. Key account managers can simulate promotions using category lift factors. For information on promotion simulation, see Simulating Promotions for Promoted Products and Categories (End User).

To create promotions for accounts

  1. Navigate to the Promotions screen > Promotion List view.
  2. Create a new account promotion record.
  3. In the Promotion field, enter a name for the account promotion record.

    NOTE:  In the Corporate Promotion field, the user either leaves the field blank or selects a corporate promotion from the drop-down list. If the user selects a corporate promotion, the account promotion record inherits the corporate promotions attributes.

  4. In the Account field, select an account record to associate with the promotion.
  5. Complete the necessary fields.

    See Step 3 for a description of the fields.

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