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Configuring the Customer Dashboard GoTo View Drop-Down List

The Customer Dashboard includes a drop-down list that allows users to navigate to additional views related to the current record. The list of views changes depending on the data currently displayed in the Customer Dashboard.

The list of views available in the Go To drop-down list are configured using business service user properties, such as View 1, View 2, and so on. At run time the Persistent Customer Dashboard business service searches through the list of user properties that start with View, finds the display name for the associated view, and then adds the name to the Go To drop-down list.

NOTE:  The name of the view specified in the user property must exactly match the name as it is defined in the Siebel repository.

You can modify the views associated with the preconfigured View user properties or add additional views. The syntax for the user property is:

  • Name. The word View followed by a number.
  • Value. The value of the View user properties includes the following values separated by a semicolon:
    • Name of the business component
    • Name of the view
    • Name of the primary applet on the view
    • Name of the foreign key on a linked business component. This value is only necessary when you are navigating to a view based on a business component other than the current business component of the Customer Dashboard.

      For example, if the Customer Dashboard is configured to display data from the Contact business component, and the All Activities view is a view listed on the GoTo drop-down list, this value would specify the foreign key in the Action business component that points back to Contacts. It allows a query of all activities related to the contact currently displayed in the Customer Dashboard.

For example, Table 73 shows several preconfigured View user properties.

Table 73.  Example View User Properties

View 1

Contact; All Activity List View; Activity List Applet With Navigation; Contact Id

View 2

Contact; Contact Activity Plan; Contact Form Applet

View 3

Contact; Agreement List View; Agreement List Applet No Parent; Contact Person Id

NOTE:  View 1 shown in Table 73 specifies that when the Customer Dashboard is populated with data from the Contact business component, the All Activities view should appear in the GoTo View drop-down list. After the user selects the view from the drop-down list, only records for the current Contact ID appear in the view.

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