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Formatting Customer Dashboard Phone Number Fields

You can configure the Customer Dashboard to recognize different telephone extensions. You use a business service user property to define the parameters that associate your company's telephone switch extensions to their full-length phone numbers. The user property name is Phone Number Prefix. Three values, separated by semicolons, define the parameters. The values are as follows:

  • The first value specifies the number of digits in an extension.
  • The second value specifies the number of digits to remove from the front of the extension.
  • The third value specifies the prefix to append to the beginning of the number.

Consider the example shown in Table 72:

Table 72.  Phone Number Prefix Example

Phone Number Prefix 1


The example shown in Table 72 would allow a user to dial the extension 24565. The extension has 5 digits. The first digit, 2, is removed. The prefix, 650555, is added. The resulting phone number is 650-555-4565.

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