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Process of Enabling MLOVs

To set up an MLOV operation, you must modify the LOV configuration in Siebel Tools, as well as perform administration tasks. For MLOV to be enabled the following conditions must be met:

  • The column of the field using the picklist has the Translation Table property set to S_LST_OF_VAL.
  • The picklist must be bounded (Lov Bounded Property is set to True).
  • The picklist must use the same LOV Type as specified in the Lov Type property of the column.

    NOTE:  A picklist's LOV Type should always match the LOV Type of the underlying column (the column on which the picklist's field is based).

To enable MLOVs perform the following tasks.

  1. Identifying Which Columns to Enable.
    1. Making Sure the LOV Type Is Translatable.
    2. Determining If the Picklist Is Bounded.
    3. Reviewing List of Columns That Cannot be MLOV Enabled
  2. Configuring the Multilingual List of Values in Siebel Tools.
  3. Adding Translated Display Values in Application Administration.
  4. Upgrading Existing Data Using the MLOV Upgrade Utility.
  5. Recompiling and Deploying.

NOTE:  Configuration of MLOVs can affect performance, especially when the field on which the picklist is based is used as part of a search or sort. Performance characteristics should be considered and verified in conjunction with configuration of MLOVs.

For more information, see Performance Tuning Guide.

Columns storing data that is read by server programs, such as Assignment Manager, Siebel Remote, Siebel Anywhere, or Workflow Manager, require additional configuration. See the following for more information:

Configuring MLOVs may also include changes to the Siebel Visibility Rules. Any reference in a Visibility Rule to an LOV entry for a type you plan to configure for multilingual support must be changed from the Display Value to the language-independent Code. Check the visibility rules for references to any LOV entries as part of your configuration of MLOVs.

NOTE:  Custom extension columns can always be MLOV enabled.

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