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About Links

A link defines a one-to-many (or master-detail) relationship between two business components. The Link object type makes master-detail views possible, in which one record of the master business component displays with many detail business component records that correspond to the master. A master-detail relationship appears in Figure 39, showing an account in the form and the many contacts for the account.

Figure 39.  Link in a Master-Detail View
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In this master-detail view, each account record can be associated with many contact records. The synchronization between the master and detail business components in a master-detail view is accomplished with a link between the two business components and the inclusion of the link and business components in a business object. Business objects are described in About Business Objects.

NOTE:  Link destination fields are initialized automatically when you add a record to the child business component in a link.

Links are also used in the implementation of multi-value group applets. A multi-value group applet is a dialog box that displays multiple records of data associated with one control in the originating applet. For more information, see About Multi-Value Links.

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