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ContentBase Content Asset Content Object

ContentBase Content Asset is a prebuilt content object based on the business object ContentBase Asset EAI. Table 17 lists the business components for the prebuilt content object Content Asset.

Table 17. Prebuilt Content Object: ContentBase Content Asset
Business Components
Transferred Data

ContentBase Asset (Content Management)

ContentBase Asset identity


ContentBase Asset (Content Management)_Access Group

ContentBase Access Group relationship


ContentBase Asset (Content Management)_Current Version

ContentBase Asset current version identification


ContentBase Version (Content Management)

Asset revision information

ContentBase Asset (Content Management)/ContentBase Version (Content Management)

ContentBase Data (Content Management)

Content stored in database repository

ContentBase Version (Content Management)/ContentBase Data (Content Management)

ContentBase Namespace Aliases (Content Management)

XML namespace information

ContentBase Version (Content Management)/ContentBase Namespace Aliases (Content Management)

ContentBase Version File Attachment (Content Management)

Content stored in file system

ContentBase Version (Content Management)/ContentBase Version File Attachment (Content Management)

ContentBase Version for Version Children

Asset version interrelations

ContentBase Asset (Content Management)/ContentBase Version for Version Children

ContentBase Ref (Content Management)

Links to other assets

ContentBase Version for Version Children/ContentBase Ref (Content Management)

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