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ContentBase Content Set Content Object

ContentBase Content Set is a prebuilt content object based on the business object ContentBase Content Set EAI. Table 18 lists the business components for the prebuilt content object ContentBase Content Set.

Table 18. Prebuilt Content Object: ContentBase Content Set
Business Components
Transferred Data

ContentBase Content Set (Content Management)

Set identity


ContentBase Content Set (Content Management)_Pr. Asset

Home page identification


ContentBase Asset (Content Management)

Asset identity

ContentBase Content Set (Content Management)/ContentBase Asset (Content Management)

ContentBase Asset (Content Management)_Access Group

ContentBase Access Group relationship


ContentBase Asset (Content Management)_Current Version

ContentBase Asset current version identification


ContentBase Version (Content Management)

Asset revision information

ContentBase Asset (Content Management)/ContentBase Version (Content Management)

ContentBase Data (Content Management)

Content stored in database repository

ContentBase Version (Content Management)/ContentBase Data (Content Management)

ContentBase Namespace Aliases (Content Management)

XML namespace information

ContentBase Version (Content Management)/ContentBase Namespace Aliases (Content Management)

ContentBase Version File Attachment (Content Management)

Content stored in file system

ContentBase Version (Content Management)/ContentBase Version File Attachment (Content Management)

ContentBase Version for Version Children

Asset version interrelations

ContentBase Content Set (Content Management)/ContentBase Version for Version Children

ContentBase Ref (Content Management)

Links to other assets

ContentBase Version for Version Children/ContentBase Ref (Content Management)

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