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Publishing Content Projects

After the content for a project has been added and approved, use the Content Center publication workflow to publish to your production environment.

Make sure that:

To publish a content project

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Content Center screen > Content Projects view.
  2. From the Content Projects list, select the appropriate content project.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Click Publish. This changes the state of the project to Published and instantiates the publication workflow synchronously. This means that users must wait for all workflow processes to begin before regaining control of the user interface. For large projects, this could take several minutes.
    • Select Request Publish from the Menu button drop-down list. This instantiates the publication workflow asynchronously on a separate server component, which returns control to users more quickly. This is the recommended method to use for projects that contain thirty or more items. This method requires that the Content Project Publish server component is online. (See Siebel System Administration Guide for information about starting server components.)
  4. If you selected Request Publish in Step 3:
    1. Navigate to the Administration - Server Management screen > Components view.
    2. In the Components list, select the Content Project Publish record, and check the State field in the Tasks list.

      If publication fails, the task's state is "Exit with Error."

NOTE:  A content project cannot be republished, except by creating a new content project, for example by copying the published project.

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