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Using the Link Existing Page Tool

Using the Link Existing Page tool, you can create navigation links to other pages within the Microsite Management system.

If you want to create navigation links to external pages, see Using the Add Web Link Tool.

This task is part of Step 4 in the Process of Microsite Management.

To create a navigation link between Microsite Management pages

  1. Open the page you want to edit in the Page Designer:
    1. Navigate to the Microsite Management (or Administration - Microsite) screen > Page Administration view.
    2. In the Page list, click the Page Title hyperlink.
  2. From the Page Designer toolbar, drag the Link Existing Page tool to the position on the layout where you want the new page navigation link to appear.
  3. Complete the fields in the Link Existing Page dialog box.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    This is the text that appears as the navigation link to the new page.


    Select the target page for the navigation link. You can select any page in the application from the Pick Parent Page dialog box.

    Release Date

    Specifies the date when the navigation link becomes active.

    The link appears when the date is between the release date and the expiration date and the status is Approved.

    Expiration Date

    Specifies the date when the navigation link is no longer active.

    Access Group

    Use this field to restrict read and read-write (select Editor field) access to this page.

    If this field is blank there are no restrictions on who can view and edit this page, provided they have the view responsibilities for the template view and the Page Designer view.

    If no editor is specified, all the access groups can edit this page item.


    The status of the link, for example Approved, Designed, Draft, Final, Printed, Shipped, or Submitted.

    The Approved and Draft status fields determine what content is displayed in the page preview. See Previewing a Page.

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