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Using the Create Menu Tool

Menus are containers for links. Menus format links in three ways, as shown in Figure 6:

  • Hierarchical menus
  • Dropdown menus
  • List menus
Figure 6. Types of Menu
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Most typically, you want to add menus to the navigation bar of your page, but menus can be added to any page section.

This task is part of Step 4 in the Process of Microsite Management.

To create a menu of links

  1. Open the page you want to edit in the Page Designer:
    1. Navigate to the Microsite Management (or Administration - Microsite) screen > Page Administration view.
    2. In the Page list, click the Page Title hyperlink.
  2. From the Page Designer toolbar, drag the Create Menu tool to the position on the layout where you want the menu to appear.
  3. Complete the fields in the Create Menu dialog box.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    This is the name of the menu.

    Menu Type

    See Figure 6.

    Release Date

    Specifies the date when the menu becomes active.

    The menu appears when the date is between the release date and the expiration date and the status is Approved.

    Expiration Date

    Specifies the date when the menu is no longer active.

    Menu Size

    Only applies to menus of type Menu List. Enter the number of menu items to show in the list at one time.


    The status of the link: Approved, Designed, Draft, Final, Printed, Shipped, or Submitted.

    The Approved and Draft status fields determine what content is displayed in the page preview. See Previewing a Page.

    Access Group

    Use this field to set access groups while creating page items.

  4. Create links for the menu using the link tools described in the following topics.
  5. If you are creating a hierarchical menu, indent links to create the hierarchy:
    • To indent one link, right-click the link and choose Increase Indent or Decrease Indent.
    • To indent multiple links, see Managing Groups of Page Items.

      This is the indentation used to produce the hierarchical menu shown in Figure 6.

If indentation is incorrect, menu creation will not function properly and the menu rendered will be incorrect. A page item's indent level difference between the page item above and the page item below should always be +/- 1. It should never be greater than 1 or the menus will not get created and rendered properly.

For more information about configuring hierarchical menus, see Configuring Menu Colors and Icons for Hierarchical Menus.

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