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Displaying of Duplicates

After calculating match scores, the third-party software returns duplicate records to the Siebel application.

In real-time mode, the Siebel application displays the duplicate records in a pop-up window. These windows are:

  • DeDuplication Results (Account) List Applet
  • DeDuplication Results (Contact) List Applet
  • DeDuplication Results (Prospect) List Applet

You can however, configure the names of these pop-up windows as described in Configuring the Pop-Up Windows Displayed in Real-Time Data Matching.

The user can either choose a record for the current record to be merged with, or click Ignore to leave the possible duplicates unchanged. For more information, see Real-Time Data Cleansing and Data Matching.

In batch mode, duplicate records are displayed in the Duplicate Account Resolution, Duplicate Contact Resolution, and Duplicate Prospect Resolution views in the Administration - Data Quality screen and also in the following views:

  • Account Duplicates Detail View
  • Contact Duplicates Detail View
  • List Mgmt Prospective Contact Duplicates Detail View.

The user can then decided about which records to retain or merge with the retained records. For information about merging records, see Merging of Duplicate Records.

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