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Siebel Marketing

Table 6 lists the demo users for Siebel Marketing.

Table 6. Demo Users for Siebel Marketing
Username and Password
Name / Title
Primary Responsibility


Mary Marino / Email Marketing Manager

Siebel Marketing

Campaign Administrator

Marino uses Siebel Email Marketing and Siebel Web Marketing to create email and web campaigns.


Pat Miller / Vice President, Marketing

Siebel Marketing

Marketing Executive

Miller uses Siebel Marketing and Marketing Resource Management to plan, manage and monitor the effectiveness of the organization's marketing activities.


Marion May / Marketing Manager

Siebel Marketing

Marketing Program Manager, Marketing Planning Manager

May uses Siebel Marketing to plan and execute marketing programs and campaigns.


Ed Mendis, Event Manager

Siebel Events Manager

Events Manager

Mendis uses Siebel Events Manager to plan and manage marketing events.

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