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Siebel PRM

Table 7 lists the demo users for Siebel PRM.

Table 7. Demo Users for Siebel PRM
Username and Password
Name / Title
Primary Responsibility


Cory Ellis / VP of Channels

Partner Manager

Channel Operations Manager

Ellis performs analysis of partner programs, product sold, pipeline and other analytics features, CHAMP initiatives created as a result of analytics and forecasting total visibility into expected partner revenue.


Chris Max / Channel Marketing Manager

Partner Manager

Channel Marketing Manager Analytics User

Max uses Siebel Partner Manager to manage relationships with consulting partners.


Colby Morris / Partner Manager

Partner Manager

Channel Account Manager

Morris uses Siebel Partner Manager to manage the relationships with the reseller partners he is responsible for. He drives marketing, sales and service through the partner organization, and assesses the overall performance of the partner organization.


Ted Angel / Senior Channel Executive

Partner Portal

Channel Executive



Owen Mann / Partner Operations Agents

Partner Operations Manager

Partner Operations Analytics User

Mann has Delegated User Administration: partners can set up, modify and delete users.

Delegated Product Catalog and administer complementary product offerings.

Opportunity Assignment: new opportunities get assigned to partner employees using Assignment Manager.


Robin Marlow / Partner Sales Manager

Partner Portal

Partner Executive

Marlow uses Siebel Partner Portal to work with Siebel Systems and to improve the effectiveness of all interactions with her customers, whether for marketing, sales or service purposes. She is also a Wireless application user.


Shawne Reed / Partner Marketing Agent

Partner Portal

Partner Marketing Agent

Reed performs campaign administration to set up campaigns and add contacts. He can also submit a fund request to support a campaign.


Sandy Meizen / Partner Service Manager

Partner Manager

Partner Sales Representative - Wireless

Meizen can collaborate on projects. Solutions access to knowledge base with FAQs, troubleshooting guides, instructions, etc.

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