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Troubleshooting the EAI Siebel Adapter

The EAI Siebel Adapter natively accesses Siebel objects definitions using the business objects, integration objects, and business component classes. Because of this design, you may get an EAI Siebel Adapter error that contains an error message from the Siebel Object Manager. See Figure 1 for a logical overview of the Siebel architectural layers. Figure 1 also shows the component events that will help you determine in which layer of the application the problem is occurring in.

The EAI Siebel Adapter functionality must be considered in light of the entire application functionality. For example, the Siebel Communications product line provides preconfigured Asset Based Ordering functionality that uses the Siebel workflow process and business service. The workflow processes use the EAI Siebel Adapter business service to extract data from the database and to update the database.

When using this functionality, the possibility exists that you may get an error in a step of the workflow process that indicates a problem with the EAI Siebel Adapter, such as the asset you want to insert already exists in the system. In this case, you should first verify that you are not inserting a duplicate asset. If you have validated that the asset is new and not a duplicate, then you need to research the specifics as to why the EAI Siebel Adapter failed to insert the new asset or attempted to insert a duplicate asset.

If you have modified the preconfigured Asset integration object or business object, it could be one of your customizations. For example, perhaps your asset requires additional fields, and you are not providing those fields in your inbound integration object instance. Therefore, it uses any default values, thus creating a potential duplicate asset.

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