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Enabling EAI Siebel Adapter Logging

Using component events, logging can be done in the Siebel application. Components are used to assist with the debugging of problems in the Siebel application. A list of useful and relevant component events for debugging EAI Siebel Adapter problems are listed in Table 25. These components events can be enabled on any server component that is capable of running an EAI process and on the Siebel client. You may wish to enable other events not listed in Table 25.

For more information on how to perform logging in the Siebel clients, see Siebel System Monitoring and Diagnostics Guide.

Table 25. Component Events for Debugging EAI Siebel Adapter Problems
Event Alias Name
Logging Level



Captures EAI Siebel Adapter related events, including integration component and integration component fields accessed and the values for the fields; business components and business component fields accessed and the values for the fields.

This is the main event to enable for EAI Siebel Adapter troubleshooting.



Captures EAI Siebel Adapter performance related events, including operation performed and time for the operation in milliseconds.

This event summarizes the result of the EAI Siebel Adapter operation. For more information on performance logging, see Troubleshooting the EAI Siebel Adapter and Doc ID 476905.1 (a HOWTO document) on OracleMetaLink 3. This document was previously published as Siebel FAQ 1840.



Dumps the inputs and output arguments for the EAI Siebel Adapter when EnableServiceArgTracing=true.

See Enabling Siebel Argument Tracing for more information.



Captures when an EAI Transaction starts.



Output Message: IntObjType=Contact Interface

Format=Siebel Hierarchical



Captures the search specification if one is specified.



Captures SQL executed against the database.



Captures SQL statements and shows SQL bind parameters executed. Shows SQL executed against the database. May sometimes be different than the SQL show in ObjMgrSQLLog.



Logs error code and error message encountered by various Siebel objects.



Logs the beginning of a transaction for the database connection.



Captures creation, deletion and invocation of a Business Service.

ObjMgrBusCompLog 4


Captures the beginning and end of the Business Component creation and deletion.

For all the events listed in Table 25, setting the logging level to level 4 is sufficient for most types of testing. You can set the component event to level 5 if you want to see debug level output, but it is not generally recommended as it adds more lines of data to the log file that may or may not be helpful. Logging level 4/5 represents that a logging level of 4 or 5 is supported.

To enable EAI Siebel Adapter logging

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Server Configuration > Servers view.
  2. In the top applet, select the Siebel Server that you want to enable EAI Siebel Adapter logging.
  3. In the middle applet, select the Components tab, and highlight the component.
  4. In the lower applet, select the Events tab, and set component events.

When you enable the component event logging, make sure you select the appropriate server component or components involved in the process. For example, if you are testing receiving XML data in the MQSeries Server Receiver, then you would enable logging on the MQSeriesSrvRcvr component.

You can also use the same srvrmgr command to turn on the component event logging. You will use the "%" shortcut syntax to enable events. An example of this syntax is

change evtloglvl EAISIEB%=4 for comp BusIntMgr

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