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XML Gateway Method Arguments

The XML Gateway init, delete, insert, preInsert, query, and update methods take the arguments presented in Table 40.

Table 40. XML Gateway Arguments

Remote Source

The VBC Remote Source user property. The remote source from which the service is to retrieve data for the business component. This must be a valid connect string. When configuring the repository business component on top of the specialized business component class CSSBCVExten, you can define a user property Remote Source to allow the Transport Services to determine the remote destination and any connect information. If this user property is defined, it is passed to every request as the <remote-source> tag.

Business Component Id

Unique key for the given business component.

Business Component Name

Name of the business component or its equivalent, such as a table name.


The VBC Service Parameters user property. A set of string parameters required for initializing the XML Gateway.

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