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How XML Names Are Derived from Integration Objects

When Siebel Tools generates the XML representation of your integration object, it derives the XML element and attribute names from the Siebel repository names of the integration object, its components, and fields. However, Siebel repository names can include characters not permitted in an XML name, such as blank spaces. Thus, some translation must be performed to make sure a valid XML name is derived from such a repository name. In addition, XML element names must be unique in the document in which they are defined. This can cause a parsing problem if two integration components have fields with the same name.

To handle these issues, Siebel Tools stores a separate name in the XML Tag attribute of the integration object, component, and field. When you create an integration object using a wizard, the XML Tag attribute is initialized to the value of the Name column, with any illegal characters removed from the name. In addition, Siebel Tools might add a number to the tag name if the same name is already in use by a different object, component, or field. You can change the XML names after the integration object has been created, if necessary.

XML Reference: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume V