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Setup Question Field Map Method

This method is part of SIS OM Pricing Calculator Business Service.

This method determines the type of the question, the name of the business component, and the field where the answer to a specific SmartScript question should be stored. This step is required before the PC Input to PC Quote conversion method is called.

The syntax for the arguments is: type-buscomp-field,
where type is a value of PC Type n user properties.


Electricity-Quote Item-Product

Electricity-Quote Item XA-Meter Type

Electricity-Quote Item XA-Payment Method

Electricity-Quote Item-Usage CxTotal

Electricity-Quote-Bill Period

Electricity-Quote-PC Bill Info

Electricity-Quote-PC Budget Plan

Electricity-Quote-Price List


Gas-Quote Item XA-Meter Type

Gas-Quote Item XA-Payment Method

Gas-Quote Item-Product

Gas-Quote Item-Usage CxTotal

Gas-Quote-Bill Period

Gas-Quote-PC Bill Info

Gas-Quote-PC Budget Plan

Gas-Quote-Price List


[in] A list of mapping arguments that are mapped to a corresponding question name. The list should be defined whether a customer chooses to answer all questions at runtime or not. The argument values are the question names. (Required)



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