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CUT eSales - PC Enrollment Workflow

The CUT eSales - PC Enrollment workflow is invoked as a subprocess of the SIS OM PC Enrollment workflow, as shown in Figure 29.

Figure 29.  CUT eSales - PC Enrollment Process
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This workflow does the following:

  1. The status of the shopping cart is checked.
  2. If the cart is empty, a new cart is created and the cart's price list is set to the Price Comparison internal price list. See CUT eSales - Set Shopping Cart Price List Workflow for more details.
  3. If the cart is not empty, the cart's price list is compared to the price list of the comparison quote selected by the user. If the price lists are different, a check is made to see if the user explicitly logged in.
  4. If the user logged in, the Save Cart Confirmation view is displayed to allow the user to specify how to handle the existing cart. See CUT eSales - PC Prepare Cart Process Workflow for more details.
  5. If the user is not logged in, a request is made to display the CUT Opportunity PC Price Comparison View (eSales) on log in, and the Login View is displayed. The workflow terminates.
  6. If the user chose not to save or discard the existing cart, the workflow is terminated.
  7. If the comparison quote's price list and the cart's price list are the same, or a new cart was created, the comparison quote line items are added to the cart.
  8. The Shopping Cart view is displayed.

Table 37 lists the CUT eSales - PC Enrollment Process steps, methods, and business services.

Table 40.  Business Service Methods for CUT eSales - PC Enrollment Process
This Workflow Step
Calls This Method
In This Business Service

Get Shopping Cart Status


CUT OET Service

Get Property: Explicit Login


Shopping Service

New Cart


CUT OET Service

Set Pending Request

Set Pending Request

Shopping Service

Merge PC Quote & Cart


CUT OET Service

Goto Shopping Cart


CUT OET Service

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