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Comparison Generator Method

This method is part of SIS OM Pricing Calculator Business Service.

This method locates the comparable internal rate plans that match the rate plan currently provided to the prospective customer by a competitor. It creates a quote of type PC Comparison for each of the matching internal rate plans, setting the Quantity field to the usage breakdown obtained from the PCMultiQuotes input (which is usually generated from the Bill Decomposer Business Service method).



[in] List of SIS OM Quote integration object instances that are used to store the utility bill information provided by a prospective customer, along with the usage breakdown calculated by the Bill Decomposer method. (Required)


[in] Name of the opportunity object under which the generated PC Comparison quotes should be stored. (Required)


[in] Name of the Price List that contains the collection of internal products from which matching rate plans should be located. (Required)


[out] Summation of the total bill amount for each of the utility bills represented in the PCMultiQuotes input argument.



Total bill amount the prospective customer is paying a competitor for.


The usage breakdown is represented in a quote integration object as the Quantity field of a usage sub-line item with the Usage Type attribute set to a specific value (for example, Threshold, Peak, Off Peak).

See Also

Bill Decomposer Method and SIS OM PC Comparison Workflow.

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