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Fields of the Well List

The oil field service administrator records information about customers' leases, wells, and equipment in the Wells screen, using the same fields of the Well list and More Info form for all this information. Some of these fields are described in Table 36.

For specifics about entering different types of information in these fields, see Adding New Leases and Adding New Wells and Equipment.

Table 36.  Fields for Leases, Wells, and Equipment for Oil Well Management

Asset/Well #

Displays an identifying number for the well or asset. Automatically generated.

Asset/Well Name

Enter a name for the well or asset.

Owner Well Number

Enter the well number assigned by the owner or operator of the well.

API Number

Enter the well number assigned by the American Petroleum Institute.

Lease/Parent Name

Displays the name of the parent asset. Leases are parents of wells and wells are parents of equipment. The value in this field is based on the well you attach to a lease and on the equipment you attach to a well, as described in Adding New Wells and Equipment.

Completion Type/Product

Select the type of product that this asset is. You can select Lease, a type of well (such as Oil Well or Disposal Well) or a type of equipment (such as Artificial List or Casing). The values that are available here depend on the products that the Siebel administrator creates, as described in Setting Up Products for Oil Well Management.


Select the company that owns the well.


Select the company that operates the well.

Original Cost

Enter the initial cost of the well or equipment.


Select the status for the well. Options include active, unavailable, in transit, reserved.

Operating Status

Select the operating status of the well. Options include Producing, Shut-in, Plugged, Drilling, Injection, Abandoned, Workover.


Enter the date that the equipment or well is registered.


Enter the depth of the well (the total depth drilled by the drill bit).


Enter the well elevation at the surface of the well.


Enter the footage and mileage. Footage is the distance in feet to the edge of the section, with the section edge (such as North) identified. Mileage is the distance in miles and the direction to the nearest city.


Enter the township. A township is a survey unit, normally a quadrangle with approximately six miles on each side.


Enter the range. A range is a group of sections within a township.


Enter the section. A section is a subdivision of a township, normally a quadrangle with one mile on each side.

Quarter Section

Enter the Quarter Section. A quarter section is a quarter of a section.


Enter the plug back total depth. PBTD is the depth of the well to the cement plug placed at the bottom of the producing zone. It is less than the total depth of the well.


Enter the inside diameter of the well.


Enter the outside diameter of the well.

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