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About Fraud Profiles in Siebel Energy

A fraud profile contains information about the fraud status of a customer account. End users can set up thresholds that, when exceeded, trigger the creation of a fraud alert.

Some fields in the Fraud Profiles form are described in Table 12.

Table 12.  Fraud Profile Fields

Credit Threshold

Amount of credit the account is allowed.

Daily Threshold

Threshold limit of the calls the customer can make.

Domestic Threshold

Threshold limit for domestic calls the customer can make.

International Threshold

Threshold limit for international calls the customer can make.

Max Duration of Calls

Maximum time that is allowed for a call.

Max Number of Calls

Maximum number of calls that can be made in a given period.

Max Value of Calls

Cost of the calls, in the appropriate currency.

Overflow Value

Select the overflow allowed for the threshold limits in the Calculator. Expressed as a percentage.

Sensitive Number Threshold

Threshold limit for calls to sensitive numbers that the customer can make. Sensitive numbers may include high-priced calls such as those to 900 numbers.

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