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About Financial Profiles in Siebel Energy

End users create a financial profile to perform a credit check on the customer. To verify a customer's credit, Siebel Energy submits a request to a back-office system or credit bureau. The back-office system or credit bureau sends back a response that includes a credit score that determines if the customer is authorized by internal credit policy to subscribe to services. These back-office systems perform credit checks for incorporated businesses or individuals.

Some fields in the Financial Profiles form are described in Table 11. However, different fields may appear according to the Account Type you selected (for example, Residential as the Account Type).

Table 11.  Financial Profile Fields


Contact Last Name and First Name

Contact for the account. This field is automatically populated with the name of the contact specified in the Primary Contact field.


Corporate Number

This may be a business number as provided by a state, county, or city government.

Legal Entity

Legal name of the company or corporation.

Tax Profile Code

Displays the code from standard tax categories that classify companies according to their tax aspects. This information is stored in an external billing or credit/tax system.



Customer's bank information for the credit check.


Last Update

Date the last credit check was performed.


Credit rating of the customer.


Group that did the most recent credit rating.

Update By

The user ID of the person who last requested a credit check.

To run a credit check

  1. Set up the financial profile (see To create or update a profile and About Financial Profiles in Siebel Energy for instructions).
  2. In the Financial Profile form, click Credit Check.

    This sends the financial profile information to an external system, which reports a credit rating. The credit rating typically is produced by a credit bureau and indicates the customer's ability to pay. It helps companies to assess their risk before agreeing to credit terms with a potential customer.

    NOTE:  Credit check data for an incorporated business or an individual consists of business name, billing address, corporate ID, and tax ID. For an unincorporated business, credit check data includes name, social security number, and driver's license.

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