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Virtual Business Components Testing

Assuming everything is configured correctly, Table 4 describes how to verify that your virtual business components are working.

Table 4. Testing the Virtual Business Components
Virtual Business Component

FINS IBD Holdings Model Value - Asset Class

FINS IBD Holdings Model Value - Asset Sector

View the model types for these virtual business components in the drop-down list in the Financial Accounts, Class Allocation, and Sector Allocation subviews in the Households screen. For more information, see To compare account holdings against a portfolio model and To view the selected account holdings by sector.

After clicking Go, the application recalculates the model value at each subview and displays the percentage for each model weight. You can compare this with data in mdb.mdb database.

FINS IBD Household Cash Flow

FINS IBD Household Performance

View the Financial Accounts, Cash Flow, and Performance subviews in the Households screen.

For more information, see To view expected future cash flows for selected accounts and To view selected accounts' past performance.

FINS IBD Holding External

This virtual business component replaces FINS Holding. In Buscomp FINS IBD Aggregated Holdings, specify which buscomp your aggregation is based at. The business component User Property Name is Aggregate Business Component.

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