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About Siebel Financial Services Business Services

Siebel Financial Services introduces a number of business services that fulfill a specific need in an end-to-end business process. The overall goal with these business services is to reduce the custom scripting that customers do during implementation. These business services benefit Siebel Financial Services customers in the following ways:

  • Increased efficiency and consistency with automation
  • Rapid deployment of functionality—less programming, and immediately deployable; SRF changes are not required
  • Better performance than scripting
  • Ease of maintenance—ability for a business analyst to maintain rules

For example, the Data Validation business service allows customers to define data validation rules in an administration view that users trigger in run time. This significantly reduces the amount of custom scripting that would otherwise be required.

Other business services, such as the Disclosure and Approval business services, bring similar benefits to customers' disclosure and approval business processes.

Table 9 lists the business services available in Siebel Financial Services.

Table 9. Siebel Financial Services Business Services
Business Service
Business Applications

Disclosure Manager

Regulatory compliance, sales process compliance.

Present literature specific to products; logs presentation for compliance.

Approval Manager

Policy exception approvals, underwriting.

Determines necessary approval sources and routes to inbox.

VBC Cache and Instance Manager

Cache data from external applications in Siebel for display.

Cache VBC data throughout user's session and use Siebel Workflow to query external data sources.

Free Format Converter

Comma-delimited and other free-format message creation.

EAI Business Service to convert Siebel data to non-XML formats.

Workflow - SmartScript Integration

Embed Q&A style processes as part of a workflow process.

Launch SmartScript sessions within a workflow process. Pass information from SmartScript back into the workflow process for downstream processing.

Using Data Transfer Utilities (DTU)

Auto-creation, prefilling.

Copies data from one Siebel BO/BC/Field to another BO/BC/Field.

Data Validation Manager

Conditional logic, data integrity control.

Performs data validation across business component fields.

Requirements Manager

Application closings, service case resolution.

Determines requirements and next steps for transaction completion.

Customer Authentication Manager

Transaction level security, regulatory compliance.

Situation specific customer authentication data collection and logging.

Using the Calculation Manager

Lead scoring, payment calculations, prioritization.

Performs arithmetic functions and if/then/else calculations in background or through UI.

Using the Customer Expectations Manager

Customer services expectations, fulfillment expectations.

Calculates expected and promise dates, and sets priorities, based on item type and customer value.

Business Rule Processor

Definition and execution of complex, frequently changing business logic.

Higher performance and more scalable than scripting. Can change business logic without a new SRF. Flexible - supports procedure, loops, if-then-else, switch-case constructs.

Dynamic UI Business Service

Create read-only view that can be changed without the need to recompile and redeploy a Siebel Repository File (SRF).

Create and render views containing a single read-only applet in the Siebel Financial Services application.

FINS Application View Navigation

View navigation.

Guides users through a series of views based on administration data.

CAUTION:  As with other specialized code, users should use only the specialized business services that are documented in Siebel documentation. The use of undocumented services is not supported and can lead to undesired and unpredictable results.

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