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Invoking Customer Authentication Manager

Customer Authentication Manager is available preconfigured on the Contact, Members, and Providers screens. However, using Siebel Workflow, you can invoke the Customer Authentication Manager from any screen that contains a Contact, Member, or Provider business component.

Figure 6 shows the authentication icon on the toolbar. Click this icon to invoke the Customer Authentication Manager.

Figure 6. Authentication Icon on Toolbar
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To authenticate a contact

  1. Navigate to the Contacts List view.
  2. Select the contact to authenticate and click the authentication icon on the toolbar.

    The Siebel Authentication Manager dialog box appears.

  3. Check the Confirmed checkbox for each field listed.
  4. Do one of the following:



    If all required fields are confirmed, the authentication succeeds.

    Use an alternate template.


    If an alternate template is defined, it appears.

    Cancel authentication.


    NOTE:  When Authentication Manager is invoked, if a matching template is not identified, an error message appears.

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