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Moving Forecast Dates Ahead Automatically

In the Administration > Forecast screen, when you create a new forecast series, the start and end dates, as well as history and edit dates, can be set up to move ahead automatically.

Modify the value of the user property Auto-Set Start/End Dates in the business component, Forecast 2000 - Forecast Series Date. The values of the Auto-Set Start/End Dates user property are shown in Table 7.

Table 7.  Values of the User Property Auto-Set Start/End Dates


Copying the forecast sets the start and end dates so that the first period within the interval will encompass the forecast date and the interval will be the same length.


Copying the forecast does not preset the start and end dates. They remain the same as the original that was copied. This is the default setting for this user property.

For a list of the user properties associated with forecasting, see Forecasting User Properties.

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