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Printing Records

There are a number of ways to print records in the Siebel application.

Running a report. You can print records by running a report and then printing the report. For more information about reports, see Running Reports.

Web browser print. You can use the Web browser's print function to print an image of the current screen. However, the options you select when using this function and the fields visible in the Web browser will affect the printed page or pages, which may or may not contain all the information in the screen.

Quick Print button. You can use the quick print functionality that works through the Web browser's print function or through integration with Microsoft Excel. To use Microsoft Excel as your quick print application you must do the following:

  1. Change a security setting in your Web browser. See Changing Browser Security Levels for details.
  2. Identify Microsoft Excel as your quick print application in user preferences. See Setting Quick Print Options for details.

NOTE:  Choosing Microsoft Excel as your quick print application limits you to printing lists; Web browser print (HTML) allows you to print both lists and forms.

To print records using quick print

  1. Navigate to the list that contains the records you want to print.
  2. From the application-level menu, choose File > Print.

    The Print Custom dialog box appears.

  3. Use the Rows To Print and Columns To Print option buttons to define which rows and columns you want to print.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • If you enabled integration with Microsoft Excel, click Print.
    • If the Print button is disabled, you have not enabled integration with Microsoft Excel. In this case, click Print Preview to see the output in a separate Web browser window. You can then use the Web browser's print function to send the output to your printer.

NOTE:  To bypass the Print Custom dialog box and have the Siebel application use the print settings specified in your user preferences, click the Quick Print button on the Siebel application toolbar instead of selecting File > Print from the application-level menu. For more information about setting up quick print options in the User Preferences screen, see Setting Quick Print Options. Your selections in the Custom Print dialog box apply only to your current user session. They do not change your user preferences settings.