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About iHelp

iHelp is a guidance tool that delivers real-time assistance as you navigate through the application. At any time, you can drill down on one of the iHelp items to view detailed instructions on how to complete the task. iHelp shows instructions in step format and includes embedded view navigation links. In addition, iHelp can highlight important fields and buttons on the view associated with each step of the task in order to draw your attention to the controls you should use to complete the task.

Once you launch an iHelp item, it remains active until you end it. This means that if you launch iHelp and then navigate to a different screen, the iHelp steps will not change. If iHelp is not running a task and you navigate to a screen, you will see iHelp items related to that screen.

Figure 33 shows an example of the iHelp pane for the Contacts screen.

Figure 33. Example of iHelp Pane
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