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What's New in This Release

What's New in Siebel Sales Handheld

Table 1 lists descriptions of the changes made to this version of the documentation to support Release 7.8 of the software.

Table 1. What's New in Siebel Sales Handheld, Version 7.8

Configuration Guidelines for Siebel Handheld

Revised and expanded the general guidelines, including screen and view design, for configuring Siebel Handheld applications.

Performing Setup for Initial String Translation

Revised setup procedure for allowing translation capability in Siebel Handheld applications.

Configuring Signature Capture Capabilities in Siebel Handheld

Revised and expanded this topic with information on enabling signature capture, signature display, and the Signature Capture applet control user properties.

Creating Siebel Handheld Views

Revised procedures for creating new views in the Siebel Handheld applications and adding those views to a user's responsibilities.

About Thread Throttling

Added new topic describing the method for allowing the maximum number of concurrent synchronizations.

Configuring Application Settings for Siebel Handheld

Added new topic describing parameter settings in the Administration - Mobile screen.

Administering Barcode Settings for Siebel Handheld

Revised and expanded this topic with information on enabling barcode scanning, mapping a button for the Socket In-Hand Scan Card, and creating barcode definitions.

Acting Upon Synchronization Errors in Siebel Handheld

Added descriptions of user options after encountering synchronization errors.

Data Filtering

Constructing Business Component and Business Object Filters

Examples of Default Business Object Declarations

Revised and expanded Data Filtering chapter with examples of business component filter syntax, business object filter syntax, and default business object declarations.

Logging Levels

Configuring Direct Server Sync Logging Levels

Configuring Companion Sync Logging Levels

Added information on Logging Level parameters and how to configure them.

Providing Synchronization Security with Secure Sockets Layer

Added information on securing the synchronization data stream by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Editing the Handheld Application Installation Configuration File

Revised and expanded this table of setup.ini parameters and their descriptions.

Changing the SyncURL on Siebel Handheld Devices

Updated information on using SyncURL to allow communication between the handheld synchronization client and the handheld synchronization server.

Preventing Synchronization Transaction Conflicts with Siebel Handheld

Revised the information on Extended Pick processing and handling Insert Failure processing.

Using Companion Synchronization with the Handheld Client

Revised information on performing Companion Sync, including Integrated Sync.

Adding Quote Items in Sales Handheld

Adding Order Line Items in Sales Handheld

Revised information on pricing functionality when adding line items to quotes and orders.

Companion Sync Checklist

Direct Server Sync Checklist

Revised troubleshooting information to help users determine why or when a synchronization has failed.

Log Files

Revised this section on logs and output files to include information on logging Siebel Handheld synchronization errors.


Added information on enabling and using SQL tracing.


Revised the list of supported printers for Siebel Handheld.

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