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Siebel Service Handheld User Scenario

This scenario provides an example of a workflow process performed by field technicians using Siebel Service Handheld. Your company may follow a different process flow according to its business requirements.

Each morning, the field technician synchronizes Siebel Service Handheld with the Siebel Server. After the synchronization is complete, she reviews her activities for the day, determines what parts she needs for her jobs, and verifies that she has the required parts. She records that she is en route to her first visit. When she arrives at the customer site, she records the time of her arrival and reviews the instructions and steps for the first activity. She checks off the steps as she completes them and records the starting and ending times for each step. She takes a reading and records the measurement. She needs to replace a part, and she records that the part is coming out of her trunk and generates an order for the movement. She completes all the steps for the activity, records her time, enters her expenses, and generates an invoice for the billable expenses, time, and parts. She closes out the activity and continues on to the next activity.

The procedures for each of these activities is covered in the following sections:

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