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About Asynchronous Query in Siebel Service Handheld

Asynchronous Query allows you to use your Siebel Service Handheld application to access data not available in the application's local database. Asynchronous query uses Siebel Store-and-Forward Messaging to transmit data. If a mobile technician cannot find particular information on her Siebel Service Handheld application's local data store, she can send a query formatted as a request message to the target server. The server receives the request message, performs the query, and returns the query results in a data message to her Siebel Service Handheld application. When the data message arrives at the Siebel Handheld application, its information is inserted into a temporary table on the Siebel Handheld application. An alert informs the mobile technician that a message has arrived, and she can then use the Asynchronous Query view to review the results of her query. For information on setting up and using asynchronous query, see Siebel Store-and-Forward Messaging Guide.

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